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  • What is ZOOP?
    -ZOOP was developed as a short-distance transportation solution, powered by electric and solar energy.It is a shared system consisting of tools and used over a mobile application.
  • What are the features of ZOOP?
    -ZOOP tools are operated via the touch screen. -The vehicle range is approximately 80 km and its speed is 40 km/h. -ZOOP vehicles are used in the city and cannot be used on the freeway. -The charging time of the vehicles is approximately 6 hours. -The vehicles are for 2 people.
  • What is the license requirement?
    To drive ZOOP vehicles, at least 1 year Class B license is required.
  • What are the usage fees?
    -It is charged as specified in the ZOOP mobile application and rental agreement.
  • Where can I use ZOOPs?
    -You can rent in Alaçatı/İzmir.
  • What other cities will it be in?
    -We are only in Izmir for now. We hope we can be in more cities in the near future. Our work on this issue continues.
  • Where are ZOOPs manufactured?
    -As Kodeco Mühendislik, we are a technology startup from Izmir working on smart and environmentally friendly vehicle projects. We also develop ZOOP tools in our workshop in Izmir.
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